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First off... A big congratulations is in order!


At this point, I'm assuming you're already past the "Big Question" and said yes to the dress, but now its time to shop for cake! What better way to start off a great partnership than with cake?!

Planning a wedding can be stressful - I know. My goal is to guide you through the cake portion of your wedding planning as smoothly as possible. That is also why I have provided this need to know guide to let you know a little more about what to expect and what questions you will need to answer.


I strive for exceptional customer service with all my clients and couples, going above & beyond for you is my way of saying thank-you!

Things to Decide:

What is your budget?

When wedding planning, your budget should be considered with EVERY aspect and in this aspect, how much of it is earmarked for your cake.  The way to look at a wedding cake is not the total price but to look at the price per person. The rule of thumb is that the fancier and more complex a cake is, the more it will cost. Rest assured, no matter what your budget is, I always find a way to get you the cake of your dreams!

What do you want from your cake?

Some people want their cake to be the centre piece - they want it to wow their friends and family and make a real statement.  Some people just want to feed their family and friends some delicious cake and not bust the bank.  When planning your wedding, decide what you want from your cake design.  It is important to know what you want from your cake as it will influence both the price and the design.  The one thing we can guarantee is that no matter what kind of cake you have in mind, it will both look great and be absolutely delicious.

How many servings do you require?

The corner stone of wedding planning is knowing how many people will be at your celebration.  Once you know that, you need to decide whether you want a slice for everyone at the wedding, or just a portion of the people attending. Of course, the number of people you intend to feed will ultimately influence the size of cake required - which is the starting point of the whole process. Also keep in mind that "FAUX CAKES" are another great way to compliment your dream wedding cake. If you are looking for that "Grand Cake" look without the whole cake being edible .

What is your overall vision of your Dream Cake?

There are many different types of cakes from modern to traditional, slab cakes to multi-tiered - the options are endless. I have some terrific albums and catalogs for you to look through at our bakery, but it never hurts to do some research before you come in. Look online at the pictures on our website as well as in wedding magazines. If you have a specific cake in mind, you can always bring in a picture and we can work from that picture. But remember, the more you know about what you want, the smoother things will go.

Do you want a Groom / Parnter Cake? 

The tradition of the groom's cake came from the south where southern belles would get a special cake for their grooms. While the wedding cake is traditionally a white tiered cake, a groom's cake is usually in a shape or design that reflects the groom's personality or interest. So, you could have a groom's cake in the shape of a baseball stadium if your groom is a baseball fan, or the Golden Gate Bridge if your husband-to-be is an architect or engineer. 

The groom's cake is typically ordered by the bride as an unexpected surprise for her groom.  We can help you design a groom/spousal's cake in our Boise bakery when you come in for your wedding cake consultation. You can use the groom's cake any way you please. The cake can be served at the rehearsal dinner, or displayed next to the wedding cake at the reception.

It is not mandatory to have a groom's cake at the wedding, but having one can be a fun surprise for your Partner! 

Have you thought about a Dessert Bar/Table as an Add On?  

Decorative Dessert Bars/Tables are a great added touch to any Cake Table or just on there own all dressed up. Dessert Bars can have many items or just a few. There really isn't a limit to what have to purchase or even a proper way of doing this. 

I do like to advise on doing a mirror image on both sides having something grand or the eye catching object in the center of the table. 

This gives a nice vision when looking at the table and gives it a very glamourous feel. 


I do "set-up" for these types of tables. I just ask my clients to have the table set up and either with the decor already set up or boxes beside table for me to set up and arrange.   

Have to decided on a Cake Topper ?

Wedding toppers are also a unique touch. We have matching cake toppers available starting at $20 and up, also various options for larger cakes as well.

Edible Toppers are a great added touch, these start at 80$ and up. 

Wedding Cake Pricing

Cake Pricing is based on the number of servings + amount of time spent on the design. Some Designs are less time, where more complicated Designs are more time consuming. Therefor my prices differ from cake to cake, even thou they may be the same size but may be completely different Designs. 

Flowers - Please be advised that flowers can effect the total cost of the cake. Edible Flowers are priced individually and since these are handmade they are the most expensive of all flowers (2$ - 50$/each - depending on size/style). Fresh Flowers /Fake Flowers are priced by flower type. All flowers have differnt prices (inseason, special order, onhand, special colour) as these all factor in prices. Flowers can be supplied by client or purchased from my florist. Special Order Flowers must be Booked 1 month in advance for my florist. Regular flowers are always available on hand.


Pricing Starts @

10$/serving (Naked Cakes)

11$/serving (Icing/Buttercream)

14$/serving (Fondant)

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